Are Solar Loans a Rip Off?

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Loans are the single most popular method for going solar. Despite their popularity, choosing a loan option is often the least enjoyable part of the solar process. There are a variety of different loan types, terms, and options- many of …

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Solar Add-Ons: Do’s and Don’t Bothers

Attic Tent

Critter Guard: Do Squirrels love to nest under solar panels, which can cause a bunch of nasty problems. They can chew up wires, tear up shingles, and prevent the roof from properly shedding rainwater. Worst of all, none of this …

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Solar System Shading: What to Know

Neighborhood Solar Installation

Despite the abundant number of variables involved in estimating the production of a solar system, the overall process is conceptually quite simple: 1) estimate the amount of sunlight (photons) reaching a solar system and 2) compute how much of that …

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The Expert Guide to Comparing Solar Quotes

Contract Agreement

While comparing quotes can be difficult in any arena, it is a particularly troublesome for homeowners going solar. Fortunately, there are a few short tricks that enable customers to accurately differentiate between competing bids. This article will break down the …

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Solar Panel System Aesthetics: What to Look For

Large Home With Solar Panels

As with many other aspects of a home, aesthetics is a primary concern for most residents considering a solar system installation. A properly-crafted solar array can maintain and even improve the appearance of a roof by covering unsightly roof characteristics …

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How Does Snow Affect Solar Panels?

Snow On Panels

How does snow affect the performance of solar panel power? It’s not uncommon to get heavy snows in the Virginia/Maryland/DC areas, and sometimes it can cover the ground for two weeks of the year. Some important implications to consider are …

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Do I Need Batteries for My Solar Power System?

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reach out to us at Nova Solar Battery storage can be a particularly confusing topic for homeowners who are interested in solar power. Knowing more about the variety of systems, and what goals they achieve, are two key factors in …

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