Are Solar Loans a Rip Off?

Solar Loans Sign

Loans are the single most popular method for going solar. Despite their popularity, choosing a loan option is often the least enjoyable part of the solar process. There are a variety of different loan types, terms, and options- many of …

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Solar Add-Ons: Do’s and Don’t Bothers

Attic Tent

Critter Guard: Do Squirrels love to nest under solar panels, which can cause a bunch of nasty problems. They can chew up wires, tear up shingles, and prevent the roof from properly shedding rainwater. Worst of all, none of this …

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Case Study #2

Solar Roof Installation

Our team installed this 41-panel, 3-array solar system in Stafford County in June 2020. The system uses triple black 360W panels and microinverters. We designed the system with the panels arranged in both portrait and landscape orientation to best utilize …

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Making the Switch in Northern Virginia

Solar Roof Installation

States and even counties vary wildly across the country on their “solar friendliness” (the ease and cost of going solar). This can be for reasons from lack of statewide laws that aid in solar being a positive financial investment, to …

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Case Study #1

Residential Solar Panels On Roof

Nova Solar installed this 46-panel, 3-array solar system in Loudoun County in September 2019. The system uses triple black 310W panels and microinverters. The homeowner is projected to save around $66,000 dollars over the life of the system. Location: Ashburn, …

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String or Micro: Which Inverter is Right for Me?

Solar Installation Equipment

What is an inverter and why do I need one? When solar panels generate energy, it is created in the form of DC (Direct Current) electricity. As it is, this electricity is not usable for our homes. All the equipment …

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Solar System Shading: What to Know

Neighborhood Solar Installation

Despite the abundant number of variables involved in estimating the production of a solar system, the overall process is conceptually quite simple: 1) estimate the amount of sunlight (photons) reaching a solar system and 2) compute how much of that …

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Solar for New Homes: How to Plan Ahead

House Under Construction

                 There are a multitude of challenges facing the owner, architect, and general contractor when planning and designing a new home. Due to the evolution of solar technology and its recent explosion in popularity, many architects and contractors do not …

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How Does Snow Affect Solar Panels?

Snow On Panels

How does snow affect the performance of solar panel power? It’s not uncommon to get heavy snows in the Virginia/Maryland/DC areas, and sometimes it can cover the ground for two weeks of the year. Some important implications to consider are …

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